Valimpex focuses on proprietary investments in liquid financial markets and unlisted private companies. The portfolio is diversified, holding multiple asset classes from equities and fixed income to derivatives and FX positions. The goal is to create both capital growth through effective investment management and cash flow generation via dividend payments and short term trading operations.

Our Values:

Valimpex is a value investor at heart. We analyse investment options with a bottom up perspective and search to find overlooked opportunities. We are not equity traders, looking to get in and get out of positions quickly. In many cases, we look to hold positions for the long term so long the holdings are still well run and perform as expected. Our market methodology is simple, we add to our holdings when the market provides attractive opportunities and conversely, we taper to release cash when the market is euphoric and offers excessively high valuations.

Derivatives, FX and a Global View:

We invest with our own money only. This gives us the opportunity to invest any way we think best. On occasions that means that we will use leverage, other times we will use derivatives to hedge holdings or to create short term cash flow. We don't have to track an index so we are free to invest anywhere we see opportunities and are not bound by foreign exchange or asset allocation models.

Despite our value investor approach, we are aware of how global macro events can impact our portfolio as well as create opportunities to increase positions.